How and where can I purchase your NFTs?

Please log on to the Afen Marketplace and in order to make a purchase you will need to connect a Metamask wallet.

What cryptocurrency do I need to complete a purchase?

You will need Binance Coin-BNB. This can be purchased on exchanges such as Binance/ FTX/ Kucoin. 

How do I get my cryptocurrency onto my Metamask wallet?

Please withdraw your BNB from the exchange, and when withdrawing make sure you select BSC as the network.

My Metamask will not show the BNB coin, can you help?

Yes- You will need to change the network on your Metamask to Binance Smart Chain. Please follow this comprehensive guide in order to complete this important step https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to- binance-smart-chain

Where can i find the ConservatioNFT collection?

Please type in ConservatioNFT in the search bar of Afen Marketplace. You will see the entire collection including NFTs for sale on the secondary market meaning from other users.

Need help completing a purchase?

Once you select buy you will be prompted on the screen to pay a small fee, once you have clicked confirm your purchase will take around a minute to complete and then you will be able to view your NFT under your profile on the AFEN marketplace. 

Can I stake my CNFT to earn cryptocurrency?

Yes, we are shortly releasing a staking mechanism for this stay tuned!

What is the environmental impact of minting CNFTs?

Our NFTs will be minted on the BSC network, the BSC network uses a hybrid proof of stake consensus model and consumes very little electricity

What is the max supply of the project with Turtle Foundation?

Total supply 300 NFTS, 3 levels for each NFTS, all NFTs will offer unique rewards and utility

Are more partnerships on the way with more conservation societies?

Yes, watch this space! ?

Where can I learn more about Turtle Foundation?

Please check out their website on the following link https://www.turtle-foundation.org/